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Retrosmash must have been browsing furry porn

because that was my FurAffinity avatar, exactly as I cropped it !

TheStarSyndicate responds:

i actually got it from your part in this yo
http://www.newgrounds.com/p ortal/view/506793

The most beautiful thing I have ever seen

I literally watch the original MGF collab just to skip to the clown part several times a day since its release, but now I have it wrapped up in its own little flash package. This is the only flash I will ever need on newgrounds. Thank you so much for this.


One of the very few flash animations I actually enjoyed watching. It was very humorous, even without references to current events or the internet.

overall it was ok

GOOD POINTS: The audio in this was not perfect or clear, however it was catchy enough to be interesting

NEEDS IMPROVEMENT: This character you have created for this flash called Solder Boy could use better design. I am not even sure if people will understand what exactly he is telling, or why he is awesome due to there is no explanation of this in the plot, unless this was explained in the audio which was very unclear except for the repeated use of "n***a"

This flash was good, but with a little bit of polish and clarity this flash can be a lot better. Good luck next time :)

that was the ownage

don't listen to a newbie like Psi43 it had grate animations, grate graphpics grate everything
In conclusion, big bag absolutely explodes everywhere with excitement in great volumes when it comes down to entertainment value.


This movie is full of funnehs X3
wait did it say he had a penis finger O.o;
that would have been the pwned if it did d^w^b

DAIRYDOG responds:

Yay thankies! d^w^b


Nobody can ever turn something like an anus into a beautiful thing like you did.


for killing katarass off my life is complete now goodbye


this was superb, and my family overheard it :>

It was good and bad

The good: Cat typing detected

The bad: Kataris-Fizz does not die in this episode

It was a decent try, but better luck next time !

hey there buddy you might be wondering what exactly we're about well we're about gREAT things and we love each and everyone of you and we will devote our time to make yours better you betcha im dead fUCKENN SERIOUS no lie

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